My name is Tomislav Sokač,  bladesmith from Croatia.

I grew up with my father’s workshop in the backyard, surrounded with metal fabrication sounds. Working in that workshop since I was a teenager tuned my senses with the sounds of steel being transformed into something else. After seven years I moved into a quiet college life, as movies are my second passion and I’ve got  MA in Cinematography and Lighting design and have worked in Croatian film industry. For me, there are similarities between working on a movie and making a knife – they are both a form of art and storytelling. The difference is that a knife is a piece of functional art, and in the end it holds emotions and tells a story of just two people – a maker and a user.

When I’m making knives memories takes me back to my childhood when I learned the importance of hard work and being proud of something you make with your own hands. With each knife I strive to be better, to learn and excel.

A knife is a simple and effective tool that will transform the joy of preparing food to the next level. Also, you can build a relationship with an object that will, if properly taken care of, be with you for a long time and can become a part of your family legacy.

I’m happy and proud to work with my father’s tools, to bring life to knives that I see as pieces of functional art with emotions and a story worth telling.

I make them because of that.